Adam vs Ann <--> Pineapples are going to FLY! Ok so here is the set up. I was taking to my friend
Ann of the ever so cool Annland on icq. I had let
her see my rant about the pop bands. Well we got into a
debate about who else other than the Spice Girl. This
innocent starting chat led up to a near hour debate.
Whatch now as Ann and I go head to head in a Spice Girls
debate! *crowd cheers*

*I must worn you that this script came write off of
the icq message history. This mean that there was
no spell check done. Adam could have done it but
he was to lazy -_-. Adam has really bad spelling and
grammer so....Deal with it ^^

Icq Chat Begin!-->

I read your other rant, I basically agree, cept
I'm confused about the part of them sending
positive messages..they send messages? and positive
ones at that?

well I think so--->They don't really send negative
ones. Of course some of them just send messages of

they send negative messages for kids..especially
the Spice Girls and Britney Spears


the way they dress mostly, normally I saw hey
dress however you want but when I see an 8 year
old dressing up as Skanky spice it concerns me

It doesnt bother me much. I think the Spice Girls
even though they are just horrible demons do send
posative messages for young girls.

how is that?

well I think that there is a lot of things in this
world that puts down woman and I think the Spice
Girls are a example of succesful woman -->
*eh this feels like my debate ^^*

*lol* good for women? that's funny considering
nothing about them is respectable or any sign of
*real* women's achievement

well thats your opinion ^^ I think how they look
has little to do with it.

you said yourself that many of those bands got
popular because of their looks, and since that
is a major factor then that's negative for
men/women whatever, because it's not a sign
of working hard and real achievment

They do get popular on how they look but I
think that. But I don't think that a little
girl really is inspired much on how they look.
And so what if they did. You may think that
there dress isnegative while others might see
it as posative

Look, what I'm saying is if they get a SINGING
career based on looks, not on merit or talent,
then that's a negative thing for girls..If they
were trying to be models that would be a
different case all together

Raaaa I give up Ann ^^ == I damn you and your
brain! :P -->I still disagree with your point
though ^^

don't give up, you shouldn't give up on what
you believe in...I still don't understand how
they can be positive so I need you to explain
it to me ^_^;;

that those woman have sold a million records
with there talents and so can they Even though
there looks may attract people I don't think
that there looks make people think that they
need to dress like them.

actually it does because I've seen video tapes
of little girls in Spice Girls outfits dancing
around. sorry, this is the feminist in me
coming out but little girls looking at them
are going to think they are pretty and want
to be like them..which is again putting pressure
on girls to be attractive..I don't usually care
one way or another but I know that girls have
eating disorders and self esteem problems because
of all the focus on looks in so society *pause
feminist rant*

You should make a rant and I'll put it in a reply
to my own ^^ But who cares if little girls want to
look like the spice girls. That does not mean they
are thinking in there head that they have to dress
like them to get rich. I beth that one time in your
life you have done somthing to yourself so you could
be more like somebody.

I didn't mean they thought they would have to dress
like that to get rich..I meant they think they have
to dress like that to be *pretty* and popular..
Sure I did stuff like that..still do primp myself,
but I'm not happy that I did/do. I shouldn't have
to feel that I have to be good looking, and "good
looking" according to society that is.

I agree that we live in a world where woman are
expected to look a certain way. but I think the
Spice Girls are a victim of that not a cause.
Name one super popular female singer(s) that
doesnt have a perfect body and where make up. I am
not saying that it is right but I am saying that
this is how it is.

I'm not into Super popular female singers ^_^;; I
wasn't saying that Spice Girls were the only
negative female symbol out there..they are just
one example cause of victims they are helping
victimize a whole new generation of girls...

But what do you expect -->I don't think the Spice
Girls are doing anything wrong other than making
those horrible songs. They are strong woman that
stand up for what they believe in. So what if
they dress up those ridiculous outfits--> They
give a message to girls that woman can be popular
to important --> And I dont think girl in any way
are stupis anough to believe that they can not
be popular without wearing those kind of clothes
and putting up

*l* you'd be surprised how stupid girls can be..

Well a girl would have to be incedibaly stupid if
when she see's a spice girl she thinks "Oh my spice
girls wears purty clothes. Spice girls are popular!
Oh my gosh! I need to be sexy to be popular." I don't
think girls do that.

they may not think *exactly* that at that *exact*
moment but that's essentially what happens to a lot
of girls

I don't think so. ^^

but you yourself said that I probably did one thing
or another in my life to be like another person so
why not little girls today?

yeah but that doest mean little girls do it to be
popular--> They do it becuase it is fun and differant.
and plus! Your a freak! --(jk) ^^

actually, to be popular is the exact reason most of
them do it..most girls don't look at some total loser
and go "that's cool" they look at what's cool and
what their friends do, peer affects
little girls more than anyone else

I disagree. If a little girl walked into a classroom
or into a room with her friends dressed up like a
spice girl she would be made fun of!

not if the Spice girls are popular with those little
girls, and if they aren't then she's likely to not
dress like that or like them..or she will be rejected
by friends

I don't think that happens. Little girls now a days are
so differant. There are so many popular kiddy pop girl
singers out there that no one little group of girls is
going to dress ALL like the spice girls. Nows theres
little girls that want to dress like Spice girls,
Britney Spears, movie actresses, models, etc.

sure, but if they like the spice girls they will, I
didn't say eveyr girl in every country is going to
dress like the spice girls *every* day..I was talking
about that example you gave me...Girls dress like their
idols and what they view as popular..and if they idolize
Brittney Spears and the Spice Girls they are going to
dress in something a litte *in my opinion* wrong for
thier age...I dunno how to explain this to you more
since you weren't a little girl (or so I think :P)

I may not be a girl but I did grow up with a girl
who was 3 years older than I and I remeber she
always wanted to be Debbie Gibson. She dressed up
like her sometimes and sometimes she didnt her friends
did the same thing. If one day Starr dressed up like
DB and the rest did I doubt there would be a problem.
But anyways I am straying off of the point we are
talking about the Spice Girls. First of all I dont think
a parent in there right mind would let them dress like
that andI dont think a little girl would even be
excepted if she wore thos kinda clothes.

EXACTLY! and that's what girls do with the Spice girls

But it is harmless Dress up!

you're contradicting yourself Adam-chan, first you're
saying that they wouldn't be accepted if they dressed
as Spice Girls then you're telling me it's harmless
dressup..please explain a little more

All I am trying to say is that little girls may dress
up ince in awhile as these spice creatures but if they
wore the kind ok explicit clothes all the time that
the spice girls do then they will not be excepted.
I think little girls see it as costumes. And I don't
think that little girls would where costumes in there
every day life. Of course this is just for the Spice
Girls. If you where talking about someone like Britney
Spears it would

I can't say wheter they were Spice girls outfits 24-7
or not but neither can you..and I'm sure some girls
only use Spice Girls as costumes but some may use it
for eveyrday life also..have you ever seen what young
girls wear today? like let's look beyond age 8 to age
12 and 13 where those outfits undoubtdly make you look
not cute..but slutty..

Well thats your opinion. First of all -->I don't think
that a little girl could even get a hold of the types
of things that the spics girls wear. I could harldy
imagine a girl wearing 6 inch heel shous, a leather
body suit and a white boa regurly

*l* if you hadn't noticed the Spice girls don't wear
that 24-7, they wear clothes you can find at regular

true but most of the time you see the spice girls
they are in those costumes. I bet in real life
when they are not on stage they are wearing regular

you never know..some people like wearing stuff like
that 24-7 but I'm sure some of them dress normally..
Ginger Spice err whoever really cleaned herself up
in the public eye after she left the spice girls

yeah the people who wear those outfits are 30 year
old drag queens

*l* that, and eccentric women

heheh^^ Hey I gotta eats *mm pineapple* Ill be back
in 15 min


<--Icq Chat End

To end I would like to say that neither Adam nor
Ann are fans of the Spice Girls. *crowd cheers louder*
Oh yes and the moral of this debate is that the Spice
Girls are actually 30 year old men in drag. Thankyou.