Updates! *insert scream here*

*everybody celebrate...Updates!*

Updated 8.14.99
New rant found in the Rant Section... -_-;;

Updated 8.13.99
Wanna see my desktop? Now you can! Feel special?
No? Ok ok. Click here.

Updated 8.12.99
You may have noticed that the layout has changed.
I was going to keep tha last one up till the end
of the summer but I got bored ^^;;

Updated 8.11.99
New picture in the Chicken Scratch section.

Updated 8.7.99
Rant Number 4 has been written ^^ Adam has gone
fasting! Read about it here.

Updated 8.7.99
Oh my gosh! Already a new media review! Well
I saw a new movie and I wanted to review it.
O_o But you can still see all the old reviews^^.