I can print! Can you print? Lets print together!

Coloring Book:
Are you bored? You better not be! That means
that this site sucks! Dont' say a word. -_-
In any case why not print out some of these
wonderful little coloring pages? Get out some
markers or crayons and go nuts. Not to nuts.

Page One: The jungle cubs! From the Jungle Book
Page Two: A dancing dragon^^
Page Three: A chibi pic of Sailor Jupiter and Sailor
Page Four: Minako and Makoto out in da town!
Page Five: Sailor Moon looking pissed
Page Six: Chibi-Usa, Usagi, and Ami. Ami
looks kinda drunk!

Word Search:
These are really fun I think^^ And I don't think
much. -_-;; Print out the puzzle and have hours
of fun! ^^ They look easy but they are not!
Special thanks to Jhon of thepotters.com.

Puzzle One: Hunt for weather related topics
Puzzle Two: WHOO! Fruit! But theres no Pineapple!
Puzzle Three: Candy! Skittle are yummy
Puzzle Four: Art puzzle
Puzzle Five: Comic strip! Ziggy-Zigg-a
Puzzle Six: Tree's. Nuff said

This is where you can print my favorite books!
Screw Oprah and her little club. Some of my
favorite books are not evailable on the net
but I will try to get them soon. These are
the few books that I actually have finished.
Special thanks to Online Books for allowing
me to link these great books.

Book One: The Island of Doctor Moreau
Book Two: The Invisible Man

Ok so these things really do bug me. Mazes
give me headaches! But they are kinda fun.
print out these mazes and you youself can
enjoy these impossible things. Be sure to use
a pencil becuase you will never be able to go
through without making a mistake. -_-;;

Maze One: Its a A-Maze-Ing! *corny joke*
Maze Two: Mazealicous
Maze Three: Guess what this is? A MAZE!
Maze Four: Oh my! Headache central
Maze Five: Ew! I am a mouse. *mmm cheese*
Maze Six: I imagine I am myself trying to find
the magical pineapple located at the end.