Summer Project. Goodbye to Pineapple?

Date Written: 8.7.99
Rant Title: Summer Project. Goodbye to Pineapple?

The other day I got another damn chain letter in
*This is really not a rant. Its just kinda a
little project ^^*

Yes. I have done pretty much nothing this summer.
When I go back to school I have to say that I
did something O_o; Well for fun I am going to
fast! Fasting is the process where you deny
your body food and nourishment. I am not doing
this because I need to diet or for my religion
I am just bored with this summer and want to
do something different. For the next 1 and 1/2
weeks (11 days) I am going to eat no food! I
will be drinking mucho amount of liquids and
truck loads of vitamins.

It will be hard to stay away from the ever
delicious food but I am up for the challenge ^^.
Every day of the fast I will be putting my
status for that day right on this page. Now
the one thing I am worried about is that I
will be away from all my wondrous fruits
for 11 days! I never said this was going
to be easy.

While I know that fasting is wrong and I do
not endorse it or recommend it to anyone
this is a thing that I really want to do.
Summer of starvation '99 -_-;; Begin.

*A quick note that the fasting will begin
Monday, August 9th. Don't ask why not today*


8.9.99 (Day 1)
Ok so they say the first few days are the
worst when fasting. Its 4:34 and I really
want to get a piece of cake ;_; But things
are going ok ^^;;.