Media Review

Media Title:Cream Puff
Type of Media: Internet (web page)
Reviewed: 8.3.99
Review: The Internet is one of the biggest media
out there. This week I am reviewing a web page ^^
*Claps* Cream Puff is a site containing (at the
moment) 3 web sites. Two are on pokemon while the
other is a shrine to Chibi-Usa.

Personally I love this site. I am obsessed
with simplicity. This is one of the most
simple yet beautiful pages I have seen.
with usually only one picture per page
(with the exception of the pic gallery's)
Teri has shown that you don't need all
that html magic and sparkly pics. It looks so

While the pokemon pages could use a bit more
info they still have enough. I understand that
it can be hard to find info on Togepriii. ^^
overall the site is stellar and it has had a
influence on the way I make pages. And of
course the name cream puff is just to cute ^^

:Final Score: 5 out of 5 *Must See*

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