TLC :: Chille

-->Simple Stats
Real Name: Rozanda Thomas
Stage Name: Chilli
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
Birthdate: February 27, 1971
Favorite Foods: Collard greens and corn
bread Proudest Accomplishment: "Remaining
level headed and becoming successful."
Describes Herself As: A country gal
Before TLC: Went to college for two
years and was a professional dancer
Role In TLC: Does the choreography for the group

-The sexy R&B singer of TLC
-Fave artist is Sade and Seal
-5'1" 103lbs
-Mother to her son Tron, and her
boyfriend is producer
Dallas Austin
-Appeared in Hav Pleanty
-Sings main parts in hit "No Scrubs"
Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas She is the one known as the Sexiest Virtual member of the team. Born on stardate 27.021971 (Feb. 27, 1971), she was destined to fill Humanity with Love and compassion. On Earth: Atlanta, Georgia... She mastered the ability of Dance with the great Damian Dame. She had a secret that know one knew. Rozonda with held the power of the harmonic, soulful, fantastic voice of singing. Only the one named Pebbles knew of how her gift could benefit the world. Pebbles added Rozonda to the group, TLC, filling in for the disapperence of Crystal. She was then named Chilli, and became part of the team.

She created a great bond with the other two sisters, and blew the world by storm. Her voice melted the hearts of men, letting them surcome to her Sexy ways. Everyone thought she was one special girl to the group. Yet, Chilli didn't always think she was special. Taking from the depths of the evil projects, this child grew up without knowing her true self, not knowing what she was mixed with. Half her history was taken from her, when she didn't have a father. With her authority from TLC, Chilli went on a quest to find the one true link to her past. By meeting the great philospher, Sally Jesse, she was able to see the man she called father. "I feel complete," she says, and Chilli truly becomes one with herself.

During the first era, she was up and jumping with the rest of them, not caring what people thought of there colorful baggie jeans and hats to the back. Even with her tomboy look she still had that femine "Wild" to her. During the CrazySexyCooL era, Chilli blew up, showing everyone how sexual this bad girl of Laface could be. She went from creeping in her gray and purple pajamas, to turning on the red light with a guitarist, to transforming to a waterfall, and then Diggin on you, as the Silver Princess. Chilli became a Legend.

Yet the Legend of the female group came to a part when the "MoneyHungery" Music Business destroyed Chilli's TLC life. She took some time off with a mysterious lover into the myst, never to be seen again. She rised out of the smoke lifting a baby above her head, praising life to her baby boy, Tron. Standing by her side was Dallas Austin, mentor for TLC, which is known to everyone as Rozonda's lover and Tron's father. Everyone was shocked at the news, but Rozonda still with her "C" locked away, took some time to raise her baby boy.

Like the phoenix, C of TLC rised again, not only reborn, but improved for a new era. Times had changed, and many thought that TLC fans had long lost forgotten them. Now Chilli reunited with T-Boz and Left Eye, and Dallas to bring a new order for the future. With many long days in the studio, TLC decided to gain back the thing that made them who they was today, their fans. With there new member Virtual Vic-e, now Chilli and her two sisters could finally deliver "Fan Mail" to the World, and regain the power they once had over the entire Music Industry!

Chilli had a huge task apon her, yet she knew it had to be done. With her super enhanced voice, Chilli had to lead the TLC legend with her song, "No Scrubs," the first single off there album. She has done well with the track, climbing them back up to the number one spot, where the throne lies for TLC in the year 1999 and beyond. The Trilogy begins...

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