Blue Review

Site Reviewed: Venom
Review Number: 2
Date: 8.23.99
Site Type: Ekans and Arbok
Score: 4 out of 5

The Good: This page is one of the largest sites
that is dedicated to two pokemon. Not only
does the owner give the usual info on the
snakes but also in depth look at team rocket,
the attacks, finding the snakes in the pokemon
video game, and even a page on snakes around
our world ^^;.

Along with the info you can find many sounds
by the snakes, the owners thoughts about the
two pokemon and a nice episode guide. The
whole page was put together very well and
was very fun to go through and explore.

The Bad: The banners on top of each page is
a little annoying. The design could use a little
bit more detail however I should not be speaking...
-_-;; The page just needs a few more changes but
overall the site is really good.

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