Akashio ::: Daimon Files

Welcome to the Daimon Files. Daimons are what many fans of Sailor Moon call "Monster of the Day". This is because in almost every episode there is a monster that is called on battles but is usually always destroyed at the end of the episode. Daimons are monsters that are created by Professor Tomoe in his lab. You can tell that most of the monsters he makes are pretty corny! The monsters that he gave Eudial to attack with are no exception. Here in episode order are those Daimons.

Name: Soiya
Episode: 103
Biography: Along with introduction of Eudial came Soiya. The story in this episode revolves around a girl that is a famous Taiko player, (drums). While getting ready for a show at a festival, The girl was called out by Eudial and hence the removal of the pure hearts took place. After that, a box in her car blew up and Soiya appeared. Soiya had a has a huge drum around her neck and a basket full of fireworks. After a short battle, Sailor ChibiMoon made her grand entrance and weakened Soiya with a pathetic little pink heart. Seconds later Sailor Moon destroyed Soiya with a Moon Spiral Heart Attack. So ends the legacy of Soiya.

Name: Chagama
Episode: 104
Biography: All Chibi wanted was a friend and she ended up with a battle for her life! Usagi Chibi-Usa, Michiru, and Haruka had been at a temple where a polite young man had served them tea and dumplings. The next day Chibi-Usa returned to the temple after ditching Usagi. At the temple Eudial was in the process of removing a pure heart from the young man from the day before. Eudial left but before she did she released, Chagama. Chagama grabbed Sailor ChibiMoon with a whip. Fortunately Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus appeared and released Chibi Moon. After that Sailor Chibi Moon used Pink Sugar Heart Attack to hurt Chagama but it could not even reach her. Soon Sailor Moon appeared and after a tea war, (yes Chagama's power revolves around tea^-^) Sailor Moon destroyed Chagama. And I really thought this one would make it! ^-^

Name: Daruma
Episode: 105
Biography: This episode has amazing art but a very corny daimon. The senshi take a trip to a mountain temple. There Makoto was training with a young priest, Kakusui Yakushiji. All the senshi were having a great time until our Eudial shows up and removes the pure heart from Yakushiji. Now this is where Daruma comes in. Daruma shoots bristles from his giant paint brush (^-^) at Sailor Jupiter. She dodged but was soon hit by a disk he had thrown. The senshi were all trapped by Daruma but soon managed escaped. Sailor Moon tries to attack Daruma but he knocks her rod out of her hand. Remembering Yakushiji's words of wisdom, Sailor Jupiter relaxed and then destroyed poor old Daruma with a Sparkling Wide Pressure.

Name: Chokokuka *Thanks Kakyuu ^^*
Episode: 107
Biography: Unfortunately I have not seen this episode so I really don't know a whole lot about it. The episode is about a talented young boy named Masanori who has a huge crush on Michiru. He and Chibi-Usa share a class and it is apparent that she has a huge crush on him. While in school Eudial drives through the walls into the class and steals the pure heart of the young boy. Chibi-Usa gets it back and returns it to Masanori. Eudial leaves behind the artist Daimon. The unknown Daimon molds 2 evil clay monsters and sends them attacking Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Neptune soon found out that the monsters could be destroyed by water so they managed to get the two monsters in a nearby pond. Sailor Neptune then uses her Deep Submerge on the main Daimon and he begins to melt. Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon finally finish are mystery monster off.

Name: Chikuon
Episode: 108
Biography: This is one of the more humorous episodes in the Eudial "series". The Senshi get invited to a fancy mansion by a English man named Edwards. While at the party, Usagi gets nervous because everyone at the party speaks English and she does not. Usagi even gets drunk. Like the other episodes Eudial crashes the party and removes the pure heart from Edward. She then releases Chikuon. Chikuon first appears in a lavish gown which she has trouble standing up in. Later she is in a black outfit after Sailor Uranus blasts off the gown armor. She lets out a variety of weapons all having to do with music but sadly enough she is soon destroyed by Sailor Moon.

Name: Door Knob-Der
Episode: 109
Biography: Minako wished and hoped for her pure heart to be stolen and she finally got it. After many attempts to be pure Eudial crashed the scene and stole Minako's heart outside of a blood clinic. Minako managed to keep the heart in and ran all the way to a underground garage where she finally collapsed. This is where Eudial releases one of the most corny and stupid villain ever! (bias? ^-^) Door Knob-Der was made by Professor Tomoe with a door lock. Door Knob-Cer enclosed Usagi, Minako, Michiru, and Haruka in the garage by locking all the doors and windows. When Eudial asked Door Knob-Der to attack, Knob expressed how she was only trained to lock doors. Eudial told her to attack any ways so she turned her arm into a large metal door and jumped on Sailor Moon. Eudial then called the Daimon to destroy Michiru and Haruka first but the two girls transformed into Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus before it could get to them. Door Knob-Der attempted to attack Sailor Neptune but she blocked and hit the Daimon with a Deep Submerge. Then Sailor Moon did her Spiral Heart Attack and little ol' corny Door Knob-Der was destroyed. And of course the cool yet calm Eudial escaped in her car ^0^.