Akashio ::: Eudial Bio


Why Eudial? She only appeared for less that 10 episodes. Well... The fact is that Eudial's style, actions, and sexy voice caused a reaction to me that I had not felt with the other villains (or hero's for that matter) in this series. Eudial first appeared in Sailormoon S, episode 103. She was the first of the Witches 5 to appear and came the closest to victory. Her brash and real words was a refreshing twist to the mostly sugar sweet show. Eudial brought something to the Sailormoon screen that was so original and creative. That is why I have developed this site in memory of her.


Eudial was sent on a mission to find the Holy Talisman's for Professor Tomoe. Those who held the Talismans (together making the Holy Cup) would have a exorbitant amount of power. The Talisman's could only be found in the hearts of 3 pure people. Eudial would track a person in which she saw "pure" and then extract the heart by using her blaster or a youma. After many failed attempts Eudial (using a computer) discovered that Michiru (Sailor Neptune) and Haruka (Sailor Uranus) had pure hearts. She cam close to stealing there Talismans but where stopped by the Senshi. To read a full synopsis of this click here.


The majority of the time, Eudial depends on her Youma to do most of the fighting. During the end of the her run though we do get to see her fight by herself. Eudial herself has no powers. She almost always carries a weapon when faced against the Senshi. Not only does she use her blaster to shoot the Senshi she also uses it to extract suspected pure hearts from her victims. On one occasion she uses gas to put out a crowd. She also used glue to stop the Senshi during there final battle. Eudial likes to control things behind the scene but can certainly break out in the heavy artillery when the time comes.


The following characters are the other main villains that appeared in the S season. It is unfortunate that we did not get to see Eudial's interaction with many of these characters.

Professor Tomoe:
The head of the Deathbusters, he would often talk< to Eudial on the phone. He is a crazy guy with a funny attitude. He is definitely one of the more humorous characters in this series.

She may be a slut but she is my slut! O_o Ok. Kaolinite was the first to hunt for the Talismans but failed like the rest. And she was killed twice! -_-;; Its a long story.

The Witches 5:
They are... Hey! Wait! I already wrote a whole bunch about these galls! Click here to see info on Eudial's teammates.


In the manga, Eudial poses as a school student. Her alias is Arimura Yuuko. In the manga all the witches had a power level. Eudial's power level was 78. In a battle Sailor Mars uses a attack on her and she turns into a mutant monster. She later is returned to normal but killed by the Senshi. Eudial also has a staff in the anime and is a black belt in karate^0^.