FAQ ::: You Got Questions? -- I *May* Have Answers ^^

Before you email me with a question, I would appreciate it
if you would check this page to make sure that it is not
answered here. If you can not find the answer here, feel
free to email me at adam_durand@hotmail.com. Thankyou much.

Q: Is this a Sailor Animamate shrine?
A: Nope. ^^ I just kinda base all the pictures around them
because I have always liked them. And they got attitude!

Q: I was really offended by a rant that I read!
A: Please do not flame me because you do not like a rant
written by someone else. This is a place where anybody can
express there own feelings about a certain topic. There
writings have nothing to do with my beliefs even if I
agree with the author. If you want to respond (in a kind
manner) to a certain rant you can go to the response
section and express your thoughts.

Q: Can I get my rant up on your site?
A: Sure. Just admit your rant in the "rant submission"

Q: Can I use this image, content, idea, etc?!
A: Of course, almost every site today has a rant section
however I ask that you not take the rants to use without
first asking the writer. As for content and images. NO!
I worked hard on this page and its not for you to just
for your own! ^^

Q: What html and image editor do you use?
A: I use no html editor (it shows) and as for image
editors, I use Picture Publisher and Paint Shop Pro.

Q: I was listed in the "Bitch Slap" section and I am
upset and downright pissed!
A: If you where listed in this section, it probably means
that someone was really pissed at you! So live with it ^^.

Q: Do you have any other site's?
A: Yes! I have many sites in the process. Go to "No
for all of them. ^^

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