The following are some frequently asked questions about this rpg.
Before e-mailing me with a question please check this list. You never
know, your question may be answered right here. If you find a question
that is not here feel free to e-mail it at adam_durand@hotmail.com. On
to the questions....

Q. I applied but I never got a e-mail back.
A. Hmmm. Well two things could have happened. One, Something
went wrong when I e-mailed you back. Often my e-mail account
will not send to aol users. Another reason could be that for
some reason you application did not reach me.

Q. What is a Rpg?
A. Rpg stands for Role Playing Game. There are many different
types of Rpg's. There are the kind that are played on a
computer or video game and there is our kind which is played
by many people who come together to form a story line by
taking the roles of the characters.

Q. So how do you play on this Rpg?
A. This is a message board Rpg. This means that you as your
character post on board in a third person style. There are
other Rpgs that use things like Chat, AIM, and Icq to do the
same thing.

Q.What do I need to download?
A. Nothing. The message board can be accessed at the front page.

Q. When do I play?
A. Read the rules for this and many other things that you will
need to know before playing.

Q. Can I play more than 1 character?
A. Yes. However you can not play 2 original Senshi. You can
play a original Senshi and a Fictional Senshi/Fictional
Villain. I did this because to many people want to be a original