Fictional Senshi Application

A Fictional Senshi is a character that you make up. You choose
what they will look like, there powers, there background.
Everything. If applying please take your time to think about
your character. Your character needs to be interesting even more
so than the original Senshi. Also remember you can also sign up
for a Fictional Villain as well. Good luck.

Before signing up for a Fictional Senshi there are a few points
you need to know.

a. You Fictional character can not be to powerful. If I have a
feeling that your character is in a kind of a "god mode" it will
not be accepted.
b. Make your character original. Think of a cool background.
Something about them has to spark me as interesting.
c. The more information you send in about your character the better
chance you will have to get in.

Ready to apply? All you have to do is e-mail me the following
questions below.

1. Name of character

2. Your name

3. Your e-mail addy

4. Give me a example of a post (in third person) from your character

5. Any additional information I should know about your character

6. E-mail all this info to me at

That's it! I will respond to your application within 5 days of retrieval.