Kinky Friends Section! Yay!

Yay for friends!

Charles Diaz:
Charles. We became friends in 6th grade and
have been going strong ever since. I was actually
really surprised that we made such close friends
so fast. It seemed that while we do have a lot in
common we also are very different in many ways.
Our backgrounds are totally different yet I
consider you one of my very closest friends.
I really enjoy the time that we are able to share
with each other which is very rare. I am convinced
that we will never have the same class ever in high
school. From Ms. Soul to Ms. McNair we have been
friends and I hope our friendship last past high
school and into our adult lifes.

Stacy Cha:
We have know each other for a few years however
I felt like out friendship really blossomed. You
always picked me up when I was down and I did the
same for you (I hope). I had a blast at your party
and still laugh about the turtle incident. I know
that You and me will continue to become close friends
and still be crazy bitches as we exit high school ~_^.

Levi Anderson:
You want fight? Huh? Maybe later? Whatever. Hehe.
I really enjoyed meeting and becoming good friends
with you this year. We had some great times both in
class and out of class. You are a dork but a funny
dork (jk)--kind of^^. We made it through health and
I am happy to see that health was not worthless and
I met a new great friend out of it.

Shirley Yiong:
Shirley! I was so happy that we had the same humanities
together this year. It really sucked that we did not
get to do the debates together. You are so smart I
would not have to do any work! -->jk. But I really
did have fun doing homework with you and going over to
your huge house -_-;; Ok maybe I hate you a little bit.

Kristen Newman:
I have known you so long Kristen. I remember in
elementary school when I used to chase you and Tara
Peterson around the play ground. However I never became
real close friends with you. However this year since we
did share the same humanities I got to know you a little
bit better. We made it through debates even though we
where not teamed up. I hope to see you next year and

Jennifer Salemann:
Ah! You are such a sweety. I remember when we first met
it was magic. The good kind of magic that is. Since that
day more than 2 ears ago are friendship has continued to
grow stronger. I still am upset that I never made it to
your 16th birthday party after hearing every thing that
went on at that little gathering ~_^. see you soon sweets.

Kelly Campbell:
Kelly. You are really one of the nicest humans I have
met. I remember ever day after school on the bus we would
talk all the ways about shit. Study hall was a blast
because of you. I am so happy that we have continued are
friendship even though you have left the ever crappy
halls of Skyline High. ^^

Lennie Vallar:
Little Lenny V. What's up. Me and you are going to put
together that TLC club we have been talking about with
Kate ~_^. Any ways... I have enjoyed both of the classes
that we shared. I loved making you crack up because
god knows you never stop. Not to mention that I told you
I am going to cut of that hair one day. Its got to be
worth something.

Ann you are the only internet friend of mine that I
put on my list. I feel that you are one of my only
internet friends that knows the real me (or at least
the 75% like we talked about^^). I have always
enjoyed staying up late and talking to you. Your
qualities in life and in web page making are a great
inspiration to me and I hope that we continue to our
very new friendship. *Adam gives Ann a friendly bop on
the head and runs to the next person*

Erin Cynkar:
We had a blast in English. And we tried to have a blast
in history. ^^. Getting to know you was so much fun
and stealing your skittles in the morning was a blast!
We better get in the same class again next year! If not
YOU will have to switch ^^> I am to lazy. Never less we
Mr. Adam and Ms. Erin will meet again.

Betty Wang:
Ms. Betty Wang. Your nuts. Nuts in a good way. I remember
in health we always used to crack up looking at the
nasty slide shows while every one else glared at us in
disgust ^^. Good times indeed. I am going to see you
soon hopefull! Actaully I am seeing you next week -_-.

Alycia Carry:
I have known you ever since I moved out here! While we
did not always get together you have grown into a somewhat
more mature person ^^. I always have had fun playing
pickleball with you and Steph. Stay cool and keep on
singing. -->*loser ^^*

Jenn Zyskowski:
You funny girl pitty lady -->Nuff said ^^