Akashio ::: Pure Hearts

Before you proceed I must worn you that there are many spoilers on this page. If you do not want to know what happens within a few of the Sailor Moon S episodes then I suggest you leave. This page is dedicated to the victims of Eudial. Eudials mission was to find the talisman that is inside a pure heart. A pure heart is not a actual heart inside a person. It is a crystal like object that tells if a person is pure and good. All of Eudials victims are mostly very intelligent and talented. At the end Eudial did find the true holders of the talisman however it led to her end. Here in episode order are the victims of Eudial.

Name: Maya
Episode: 103
Storyline: The first appearance of Eudial also brought a young girl named Maya. Maya was a famous Taiko player. (Taiko is large drum that you play standing up). Maya had agreed to play at the Juuban Festival. While practicing before her concert at the festival, Maya was called out by a strangers voice. Out side she found a women (Eudial) in her car. Eudial pulled out her gun and blasted Maya. Maya'a pure heart was exposed. Sailor Moon and Mars saw the whole scene. Eudial called out a Daimon and the trio began to fight. Sailor Uranus and Neptune then made the scene They checked the pure heart to see if it was a talisman. It was not so they returned the heart to Maya's lifeless body. Later Chibi-Usa returned as a Sailor Senshi and together with Sailor Moon they destroyed the Daimon. Eudial escaped and that evening all the girls gathered to see Maya perform on the Taiko.

Name: Tamasaburo
Episode: 104
Storyline: Chibi-Usa was looking for a friend. She was walking down the street when she met a boy that showed her his "elephant". Don't ask what his elephant was. ^-^ She then moved on. She later saw a boy with a old-fashioned hairstyle. In my opinion he looks like a girl^-^. Chibi-Usa ran after him but he had vanished. Later Chibi-Usa, Usagi, and Mamoru met up with Michiru and Haruka. Haruka invited them all to tea. The place they had tea at was very traditional. Usagi was not used to eating in this way (on knee's, head down). Soon the boy that Chibi-Usa has seen on the street came in and served them. Michiru expressed that the boy was named Tamasaburo and he was a expert in japanese tea ceremony. The next day Usagi and Chibi-Usa were walking back to see the boy when they saw Eudial drive by. Chibi-Usa ditched Usagi in a bush and ran to the temple. At the temple Eudial shot Tamasaburo to expose his Pure Heart. Chibi-Usa made the scene and transformed into Sailor Chibi-Moon. Eudial fled leaving a Daimon to take care of the situation. The Daimon sat for awhile but after being hit by Sailor Chibi-Moons rod he trapped her in a whip. Sailor Neptune and Uranus soon came. They checked the heart. It was not a talisman so they returned it to the boy. They released Sailor Chibi-Moon and then left. Sailor Moon soon came and after a short fight they destroyed the Daimon. The next day Usagi and Chibi-Usa return to the temple. Tamasaburo came to the door in a......Senshi outfit calling himself "Sailor Tamasburo". Usagi and Chibi-Usa ran away.

Name: Kakusui
Episode: 105
Storyline: A trip to a mountain temple gone sour! Makoto was staying with a young priest named Kakusui. She was having problems with her powers so she had gone to this mountain temple to train with him. Usagi received a postcard from Makoto and she and the other girls decided to take a trip up there and visit Makoto. Eudial also makes a visit when she realizes that Kakusui is a very pure man and may hold the talisman. The other inner senshi later makes it to the temple. The next day while the senshi are at a hotel were Mamoru worked, Kakusui and Makoto were meditating outside. Eudial pulled up in her car and blasted Kakusui with her blaster. He fell to the ground. Makoto hid in a nearby bush and transformed into Sailor Jupiter. Eudial released her Daimon. Jupiter and the monster fought for a bit until Sailor Moon and the senshi showed up. Meanwhile Uranus and Neptune showed up and checked the pure heart. It was not the talisman so they returned it to the dead body of Kakusui. The Daimon meanwhile has knocked Sailor Moons rod out of her hand. Sailor Jupiter remembered some words that Kakusui had said to her earlier and she performed a powerful Sparkling Wide Pressure to destroy the Daimon. The next day all the girls left on a train. Kakusui waved to Makoto as she mouthed the words "thank you" to him.

Name: Masanori
Episode: 107
Storyline: Masanori was a friend of Chibi-Usa'a from her art school. It was apparent that she had a huge crush on him. However Masanori had a a crush on another girl. Chibi found Masanori outside of the school holding some flowers. Soon Michiru walked by and he presented the flowers to her. Remember that Masanori is very young and Michiru is a......you know what. Later in the school Usagi was trying to "hook up" Chibi and Masanori when Eudial came smashing through the walls and shot Masanori with her blaster. Michiru and Haruka who were also at the school transformed. Eudial had the boys Pure Heart. Chibi ran up to her and bit her arm releasing the pure heart. Before Chibi could return the heart Sailor Uranus grabbed it from her to see if it was a talisman. It was not so they gave it to Chibi and she returned the heart to Masanori. Eudial left but before she did she left a Daimon. With help from Neptune and Uranus, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon defeated the Monster. Later that evening Chibi and Masanori were walking home and he presented her with a sculpture he had made in class. It was a molding of Chibi-Usa.

Name: Edwards
Episode: 108
Storyline: Sailor Moon English! While at Mamoru's house the girls get invited to a party by a English man named Edwards. Edwards owns a large manor in which he invites many foreign, students to. Usagi was freaking out because she did not know any English. She later drinks some juice which turns out to be alcohol. She becomes very drunk. Later Eudial entered the mansion. Edwards takes all the girls out to the balcony to look at the view. Suddenly someone fills the room inside with fog. Edwards entered into the room and bumped into Eudial. Eudial pulled out a gun and shot him and took his pure heart. Haruka and Michiru who were at the party as well transformed into Sailor Scouts and got the Pure Heart from Eudial. Eudial summoned a Daimon and your typical battle took place with Sailor Moon destroying the Daimon at the end. The Pure Heart was not a talisman so Uranus and Neptune returned it to Edwards. Later all the guests woke up and the party continued.

Name: Minako/Sailor Venus
Episode: 109
Storyline: Hopefully you all know who Minako aka Sailor Venus is. Minako was sad because she was the only Inner Senshi who had not been attacked for a pure heart. She tried everything to be pure. She gave Usagi and Michiru charms and even donated blood. Finally she was attacked by Eudial outside of the blood clinic. Even though she was shot, Minako was still able to keep her heart inside. She ran down the streets cheering until she finally fell in a underground garage. Eudial reached her first and released a daimon. Soon Sailor Moon, Neptune, and Uranus came and destroyed the Daimon. Michiru got Minako's pure heart. It was not a talisman so it was returned to Minako's body.

Name: Michiru and Haruka
Episode: 110 and 111
Storyline: Since this would take up to much room I'm not writing the summary to these two episodes here. Instead I have done a whole page dedicated to both of these episodes. These episodes were two of the most sad and exciting episodes to grace the s series. In them 3 people die, two come back and a new mission begins. Please go here to read a guide to episode 110 and 111.