Akashio ::: Updates

1 redsponse to the witch 101 article
has been added to the witch 101
section. *^^*

You may notice that a lot of images
around the site are broken. This is
because I accidently deleted everything
in my fortunecity account >_< Luckely
it did not have to much from the page.
I will be replacing those images soon
and also re-doing all the sub sections
to match ^^
:::::::: Akashio Awards-->

I am to lazy to make a seperate
page for awards therefore I will
just stick them here. Thankyou
to all who have given me the
awards. You please me. O_o

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Kinmokusei // Read Review
Krazy Kitty // View
Witches 4 // Read Review
Violin // Read Review
Peoples Choice Finalist // View

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