Akashio ::: Witches 5

It is very unfortunate that we do not get to see Eudials interaction with the other witches in the series. There was a brief interaction between Eudial and Mimete in episode 110 and 111 but that is all. I still feel it is important to know who was with Eudial in the Witches 5 and what their mission was. Down below are the four/five women who each held a spot in the Witches 5.

Name: Mimete
Storyline: There are many reasons why I hate this girl. First she killed my dear Eudial. Secondly she has the most awful personality, voice, and clothes. We first see Mimete in episode 110 were she is talking about Eudials failures to retrieve the Holy Cup. She later rigs Eudials car so the breaks do not work sending Eudial over a mountain pass. After Eudials death, Mimete takes over the mission. Her targets are usually always stars of some sort and very good looking. She lasted for pretty long until Tellu pulled the plug on a machine that was to make Mimete stronger and Mimete died. All I can say is, thanks Tellu!!

Name: Tellu
Storyline: I thought Tellu was a nice character. She was only in two episodes and one of them was only a brief appearance. Tellu was put on assignment after killing Mimete. She opened a plant shop were she would sell plants that would attack the customers and suck out his or hers heart crystal. Soon Tellu's plan back fires when she calls upon a giant plant to destroy Sailor Moon but instead it kills Tellu. It is a shame that Tellu was not featured in many episodes but it was nice while it lasted.

Name: Viluy
Storyline: Viluy was the 4th witch to appear. Even though she look all women, Viluy was actually a computer chip. Like Tellu, she only graced the scene for one episode. She disguised herself as a student at the Muguen Gakuen High School were she used a device on her arm to take control over the school computers and suck the heart crystals from the students. She is killed when she gets hit by water and is electrocuted to death.

Name: Cyprine and Pikurl
Storyline: Cyprine are the final witches in the series. Now even though they are technically 6 witches these two only count as one since they are twins. Cyprine convinces Tomoe to let them take over the mission and they do. They were doing great fighting the senshi until they were tricked into blasting each other by sailor Jupiter and Mars. They died after the blast. These two lovely ladies only lasted one episode.