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Hola! I am one of the group leaders of CabalArticles, a world-wide Internet content writing company. We all post in English and Spanish for world wide online audiences, and are available for written content creation for your online business. Below you will find my resume, and of course you'll be able to find other group leaders and team members' resumes on this website. At the bottom of my resume, you will find some samples of our publicized posts. For job requests, you should contact us using the contactform on this web site and we shall react as soon as can be.

James I. Barba
2228 Froe Street
Mill Creek, WV

Graduated With Special Honors from Dartmouth College
10 years of freelance writing experience (specifically for Web audiences)
Exquisite competency in Latin and Spanish
Dedicated, company-oriented staff member with a knack for specifics

Work Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Team Manager
Accountable for planning a worldwide team of writers to fit a complex set of output goals and objectives.
- Set unprecedented records for production, growing output by 20% globally
- Correctly kept reliable records of work distribution
- Handled QA for world-wide production over a sizable team of freelance writers

Additional Abilities

Fluent in Latin and Spanish
State-of-the-art proficiency with a huge selection of office computer software

Examples of Publicized Posts